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Student Support Teams

E-Mentoring Team

During your virtual exchange at JLU, a team of six e-mentors will accompany your study experience.

Your e-mentors are JLU-students from different faculties who are happy to:

  • Provide personal advice on student issues by e-mail and video call
  • Organise informal get-togethers with German and international fellow students
  • Give you insights into student life and culture at JLU and in Giessen
  • Take you to cultural and social virtual activities and events taking place


Moin, I have just started my Master’s degree in wine business (Faculty 09) at JLU and moved to Giessen a week ago.

I am happy not to be alone while discovering Giessen and to have you on my side. German is my mother tongue, but I speak English fluently, and also a bit of Spanish. I am curious to meet you.


Hello, my name is Larissa and  I am 25 years old. I am currently studying Nutritional Sciences (Faculty 09)  and I am in the third semester of my Master's degree. I speak German and English fluently and a little bit of Spanish as well.



Hello, my name is Kia. I am 25 years old and I started this term with my Master's programme "Intercultural Communication and Business" at Faculty 05 (Language, Literature and Culture). Besides German being my mother language, I can also speak English, Farsi and French. Do not hesitate  to contact me if you have any questions regarding JLU Giessen.


Hello, my name is Shadi and I'm 30 years old. After finishing my studies as a dentist, I am now studying medicine in the 7th semester (faculty 11) to become an Oro-maxillofacial surgeon. As a foreign student at JLU who faced a lot of problems during my start, I will help you to solve any problems you will face or to avoid them. My favorite food is Hummus. Oh wait. Falafel too!!


Hi, my name is Youmna. I'm 24 years old and I'm currently studying dentistry at JLU (Faculty 11). My mother tongue is Arabic, and I'm also fluent in English and German.

As a foreign student myself I am very familiar with the issues you could face while studying abroad, so if you ever have any question, feel free to contact me and I will be glad to help you.


Hi there, my name is Julius and I am 23 years old. I am about to finish my Bachelor in Environmental Management (Faculty 09) at the JLU this year. 

Being a local Giessener and due to my own experiences abroad, I know that there can be problems, especially in the beginning, but also during the studies. I am here to support you and make your experience as smooth as possible. I speak German, English, and Spanish and know some basic French.


JustInternational Team

The JustInternational Team provides personal advice on student issues by email and organises a series of online events for German and international students:

The Ultimate Get-Together – a socialising event where you can make new friends

Question Monday – an info event on important topics relevant to studying at JLU

Alena Tselikova

Hello, my name is Alena and I am a student assistant for general counseling of international students at the International Office. Besides my mother tongue Russian, I speak fluent German, English and some French. As I am currently studying for my teaching degree Art (L3), Ethics and Russian (both L2) at JLU, I joined the Slavic Studies Students' Association (Faculty 05) to broaden my horizon and to support my fellow students. If you have any questions about studying at JLU, please feel free to contact me by email.

Boris Pavlovic

Hey, I’m Boris! I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina and study Chemistry (Faculty 08) here at JLU Giessen. I moved to Germany in 2016. Being a foreign student here has given me a firsthand experience of the challenges we all face during our studies. I’ve joined the International Office to help make this transition as easy as possible for the future and current students. I’m fluent in English, German and all the ex-Yugoslavian languages. Let me know if you have any questions regarding your studies at JLU!

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