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Support for VIP Students

E-Mentoring Team

During your virtual exchange at JLU, a team of e-mentors will accompany your study experience.

Your e-mentors are JLU-students from different faculties who are happy to:

  • Provide personal advice on student issues by e-mail and video call
  • Organise informal get-togethers with German and international fellow students
  • Give you insights into student life and culture at JLU and in Giessen
  • Take you to cultural and social virtual activities and events taking place


Hey there and welcome to VIP. My name is Wiebke and I am happy to support you during your virtual exchange journey at JLU. I am a 25 year old Medical Student in my 5th year at JLU (Faculty 11) with a special interest in Global Health and Politics. Thanks to my own experiences abroad as an intern and exchange student, I am familiar with some of the challenges one faces when studying at a foreign university and getting to know a new educational system. I joined the International Office in hopes to support you with any occuring problems.


Hey, I’m Umang! I’m 24 years old and I come from Nepal. I lived in the United States for 4 years, where I completed my undergraduate studies. And now, I’m here in Germany to pursue my Masters in Agrobiotechnology (Faculty 09) at JLU Giessen. It has been a daunting, yet exciting journey as an international student in two different countries so far. And now, I’d like to use my experience to support you in your journey! Hope you have an exciting one too!


Hi, I'm Vanessa, 25 years old and currently working on my master's thesis in Democracy and Governance (Faculty 03). Besides, I hold a bachelor’s degree in economics (Faculty 02). During my studies, I spent a semester and internship abroad and participated in VIP courses. If you have regarding your VIP experience, the faculties or any other related topics, questions, I'm happy to help and wish you a great experience at JLU. Welcome! :)



Hi there! My name is Jacinta (28 years)  and I‘m currently doing my masters degree in Intercultural Communication and Business at JLU (Faculty 05). Having experienced the adventure of living and studying abroad myself, I get that  starting at a new university might feel like finding your way through a  maze. That's why I'm here as your E-Mentor to make your virtual exchange experience a bit smoother. So, if you ever have questions or need support with anything, don't  hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to connecting with you!


Hello/Olá/Hallo! My name is Pietra and I am 27 years old. I come from São Paulo, Brazil, and I am currently doing a Masters in "Mind, Brain, and Behavior" (Faculty 06) at JLU. As an international student myself, I know it can be a very challenging journey, and that is why I am super glad to be part of the VIP Team and assist you with that!

I can speak Portuguese, English, and a little bit of German and Spanish. Feel free to ask for my help if you have any questions regarding your studies with us.

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