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International Virtual Collaborative Teaching

The course format of „International collaborative teaching“ adds another feature to a high profile online academic qualification. 

International Virtual Collaborative Teaching2) seminars are offered in collaboration with partner universities from all over the world. They are developed and taught jointly by JLU-lecturers and teachers from partner universities. Therefore, professors and lecturers coordinate their research interests, bundle their resources, and collaboratively design a seminar.

Some of the seminars are organized interdisciplinary by lecturers from different faculties. This provides diversity in the cultural and academic exchange. The academic dialogue and interactive learning help you acquire intercultural and digital key competences as well as teamworking skills during your virtual study experience. Furthermore, you will have the chance to network internationally, to get to know another study culture and even form new friendships!

Seminars marked with this symbol are „International Collaborative Teaching“ seminars offered in cooperation with partner universities.



  • Gain intercultural study experience

  •  Increase your international academic network

  •  Enhance digital competences

  •  Experience a variety of course formats (hybrid/blended)



  • Get insights into international teaching programmes

  • Improve foreign language skills

  • Reflect on professional and culturally conditioned differences & similarities


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Our E-mentors are happy to support you personally during your virtual study experience at JLU.

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Anna Morozova, ISöE M.A., JLU
“An unique opportunity to make not only private contacts but also scientific contacts. I definitely would recommend the program and would be delighted if other future students could have the chance to take part of collobarotive teaching.”
Laura Loew, Geschichte M.A., JLU
„The personal exchange of ideas with students from the other university takes some effort from both sides in the beginning, but it is definitely worth it.”
Yendhi, Universidad de Antioquia
"The women’s seminar has had a big influence on me. From an academic standpoint, it sure has been helpful for my Hispanic Philology studies; I am now familiar with more female, Spanish-speaking authors. From a social standpoint, I have shared with women from around the world and learned about their ideals and dreams."
Portrait von Natalia
Natalia, University of Lodz
“It motivated me to work. Getting many questions and seeing that your colleagues are interested in your research can give you a huge amount of energy. Also, thanks to the discussions I discovered some of the aspects worth of examination, which I didn’t consider in my work before.”
Anastasija,, University of Lodz
“I decided to take part in the seminar, because I wanted to share my research connected with multilingual people and broaden my horizons in the topic of multicultural environments.”
Portrait of Marc
Marc Efthimios, JLU
“What surprised me most was the different weighting of topics and arguments. Although we mostly dealt with the same topic, the international students and professors brought in many different aspects.”

2) The projects “VIP-CONCEPT (Virtual International Programme – Collaborative Network of Competences in E-Learning and Partner Teaching)” and “Virtuelle Internationale Lehrkooperation JLU – U Lodz, Polen” are funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) within the programme “IVAC- International Virtual Academic Collaboration” (funding reference number: 57563805, 57598305)

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