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Application Process

How to Apply with a Foreign Bachelor’s Degree

1. Read carefully through the content of the study programme and check admission requirements/prerequisites and deadlines.

2. If you fulfill the admission requirements and want to apply you will need the following documents and their respective translations in German or English (Translations are only accepted from accredited translators who are authorized to issue official translations in their respective home country. For more information visit the “Application via uni-assist” page by JLU Giessen):

    a. an officially certified copy of your school-leaving certificate

    b. an officially certified copy of the complete Transcript of Records and the Bachelor's certificate

    c. proof of your officially certified language proficiency

    d. a copy of the page in your passport showing your name and passport photo

    e. a letter of motivation (approximately 500 words)

3. Once you have collected (and translated) all the necessary documents, head over to uni-assist. Ideally, you should apply as early as possible to be able to submit further documents. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the payment options for the uni-assist fee and make sure to have the money available.

4. Create an account with uni-assist. Fill in the application information and choose your desired course from the data bank.

5. Upload all the necessary documents along with their official translations - if needed. Keep your official hard copies at hand if the university needs to check them.

6. Finalize your application by paying the handling fees, depending on the desired course you apply to.

7. After your documents have been reviewed by uni-assist, they will be passed on to the university where they are checked for professional suitability by the examination committee. During this process you will receive access to the JLU applicant portal. There, you will be able to check the status of your application.

> Please refrain from contacting the JLU during this last step. You will receive instructions via email. Please also note that processing times may vary and that we cannot tell you when you will be contacted. <

How to Apply with a German Bachelor's Degree

1. If you are holding a German bachelor’s degree, please apply via the JLU applicant portal. For your application via the JLU applicant portal you will need to upload the following documents: 

  • Your bachelor's certificate including a transcript of records
  • Proof of language proficiency (see the prerequisites for details)
  • Letter of motivation of about 500 words outlining your personal motivation and subject-specific knowledge

2. Additionally, you will have to fill in and sign an application form and send the scan as a PDF file to: stud-sekretariatprotect me ?!admin.uni-giessenprotect me ?!.de

Applications are welcome from 1 June until 15 July.
For possible extensions of the application deadline, please check the following JLU website:

3. Only in case of enrolment, certified copies of your documents - plus additional documents - have to be send by mail to JLU. You will receive a check list for enrolment.

Watch the video tutorial "How to Apply via uni-assist"

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