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Apply for the Virtual International Programme


Visit the course catalogue for bachelor or master courses.


Select courses.

Check the requirements in the course catalogue!



Apply via the online form.

Deadline for the summer semester: Feburary 12th.

Deadline for the winter semester: August 14th.


Get enrolled at JLU as a VIP-student.


Start your JLU VIP-experience!


  Applications for the winter semester 2023/24 can be submitted from now until August 14th (deadline extended).


We have made the application process as simple as possible for you:

  1. Fill in our application form
  2. Send your signed application as a PDF via email to vipprotect me ?!admin.uni-giessenprotect me ?!.de
  3. Please attach:
    • Proof of enrolment from your home university
    • A Transcript of Records of your current studies at your home university

The deadline for the winter semester is August 14th (deadline extended).

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