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Faculty of Biology and Chemistry

Course Title: 0802 Designing and executing research in organic chemistry

Course Description

The seminar will confront the participating students with up-to-date scientific problems and projects which will be presented by in-house scholars as well as by international specialists in their respective fields. The seminar covers a broad spectrum of organic chemistry related topics and projects, which may also intersect with other disciplines like physical chemistry or biology. During the seminar the students will be briefly introduced to the theoretical foundations, thereby building and expanding their knowledge base of organic chemistry, which will help them understand the present-day topics and enables their self-assisted deeper learning of the respective topic. Over the course of the seminar the students will choose a (sub)topic of their interest and will prepare a short seminar talk, to further deepen their understanding and also to document their progress project design and execution. This seminar talk also serves as the final examination that will be followed by an expert discussion.


Biology and Chemistry


Institute of Organic Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Peter Richard Schreiner, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich, Prof. Dr. Hermann A Wegner, Dr. Urs Gellrich, Dr. Dennis Gerbig, Dr. Heike Hausmann, Dr. Jörg Neudert, Dr. Raffael Christoph Wende

Study Period (dd/mm/yy)


Mode and Time

Synchronous, Time (CET): 14:00

Online Tool for Teaching


Language of Instruction


Target Group

Bachelor, Master in the fields of Chemie, Biologie, Physik


Basics of organic chemistry; sufiicient English skills



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