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Faculty of Biology and Chemistry

Course Title: 0801 Current topics in organic chemistry

Course Description

The seminar series “Current topics in organic chemistry” will confront the participating students with up-to-date organic chemistry projects which will be presented by our in-house scholars, as well as international specialists in their respective fields.
The lectures present a broad spectrum of organic chemistry related topics and projects, which often also intersect with physical chemistry and biology. During the seminars the students will receive a brief theoretical foundation by the lecturer, building on a base knowledge of organic chemistry, which will help them understand the current topics and enable self-assisted deeper learning. Over the course of the seminar the students should choose a topic of their interest and prepare a short seminar talk on their own, to demonstrate their grasp of the topic. The final examination will be a summary of the lectures and how the lectures may affect the students’ own research in the future.



Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Nutritional Sciences and Environmental Management


Institute for Organic Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Peter Richard Schreiner, Ph.D., Prof. Dr. Richard Göttlich, Prof. Dr. Hermann A Wegner, Dr. Urs Gellrich, Dr. Dennis Gerbig, Dr. Heike Hausmann, Dr. Jörg Neudert, Dr. Raffael Christoph Wende

Study Period (dd/mm/yy)

01/05/23 - 30/09/23

Mode and Time

Synchron (live), Time (CET): At the start of the semester, the list of speakers including the exact dates of the events will be published

Online Tool for Teaching


Language of Instruction


Target Group

Bachelor, Master


Basic knowledge of organic chemistry, as well as good English skills.



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