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Faculty of Medicine

Course Title: 1101 Emergency Medicine and Traumatology

Course Description

Clinical pictures from the field of emergency medicine with
possibly traumatic injuries repeatedly confront medical
personnel with the challenge of time-critical care of potentially
life-threatening conditions. This makes structured and
guideline-based therapy all the more essential in order to
prevent delays in the initiation of treatment and permanent
damage to the patient.
To ensure adequate care, not only medical expertise is
necessary, but also knowledge of the prevailing care system is
indispensable. For this reason, the German rescue service is
presented in its conception and its organizational structures.
The aim of this module is on the one hand to convey the
theoretical concept of basic resuscitation and advanced life
support according to GRC/ERC as well as pediatric resuscitation.
On the other hand, selected clinical pictures from the field of
emergency medicine and traumatology are presented and
corresponding guideline-based treatments are introduced.




Department of Anesthesiology, Surgical Intensive Care Medicine and Pain Therapy


Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Life Support (ALS)/
Christoph Watermann
Pediatric Life Support (PLS)/ Dr. med. Thomas Zajonz
One Shock, multiple Reasons/ PD Dr. med. Emmanuel Schneck
Management of critical bleeding/ Dr. med. Marius Merz
Traumatic brain injury/ Prof. Dr. med. Marco Stein
Tactical Combat Casualty Care/ Dr. med. Marius Merz
Periprosthetic problems with endoprosthetics/ Dr. med.
Christoph Biehl
Traffic accident, from first treatment at the scene of the
accident to the day of discharge/ Matthias Lany
Communication in emergency situations/ Henriette Watermann

Study Period (dd/mm/yy)

11/04/2023 - 14/07/2023

Mode and Time

Asynchronous (recorded)

Online Tool for Teaching


Language of Instruction


Target Group

Bachelor, Master 


Medicine student



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