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Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Course Title: 1003 3R Principles and laboratory animal welfare

Course Description

Laboratory animals pay high tributes to modern medicine and science whereby they contribute to a continuous development and improvement of our living conditions. Because of this, we carry a high responsibility towards every single individual animal. The course teaches the basics to assume this responsibility.

Topics are international and national legislation of animal experimentation and the 3R principle, which is a guidance in laboratory animal science. Biology and ethology of commune laboratory animal species and their need in housing and husbandry are taught as well as different animal models and their impact on individuals. By the end of this course students are able to identify pain, suffering and distress in laboratory animals and to recognize refinement options.


Veterinary Medicine


Chair of Laboratory Animal Science and Animal Welfare


Prof. Dr. Stephanie Krämer

Study Period (dd/mm/yy)


Mode and Time

Synchronous, Time (CET): 14:00-15:30

Online Tool for Teaching


Language of Instruction


Target Group

Bachelor, Master 


Naturwissenschaftliche Grundkenntnisse, Interesse an der Thematik



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