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Key Competences

Lab for Intercultural Readiness

Course Description

You are attending the JLU Virtual International Programme?  You are planning a study or internship abroad? Would you like to reflect on your previous or current international and intercultural study experience or broaden your intercultural horizons? 
In this course you will explore intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, building commitment and managing uncertainty in a series of video lectures and practical assignments. Those are the core competencies of the Intercultural Readiness Check ® , a validated self-assessment tool designed by psychological experts to supply participants with feedback and suggestions for personal intercultural development.
The course will provide strategies to enhance your personal intercultural performance. You should bring an interest in reflection, personal growth and the willingness to complete a questionnaire for self-assessment for which you will receive individual feedback and in a one-to-one consultation. From both self-study and consultation you will then develop a personal development goal and keep on track in a learning journal in which you draw a personal summary of your learning progress. Credit of 1 CP will be given for participation in all self-study activities, one-to-one consultation on your IRC profile and a written learning diary.


Centre for Competence Development


Department for Study Skills


Kerstin Dresing

Study Period (dd/mm/yy)


Mode and Time


Weekly work on video lectures and assignments: 22 April - 31 May

IRC Assessment: 29 April - 05 May

Complementary one-to-one consultation: 06 May - 31 May

Journaling: 01 June - 30 June

Due Date Learning Journals: 1 July 2024

Asynchronous: recorded video lectures and assignments,  complemented by 
Synchronous one-to-one consultation with lecturer and open Q&A sessions

Class Format

Combination of asynchronous self-study and complementary on-on-one consultation for feedback and coaching

Online Tool for Teaching


Language of Instruction


Target Group

Bachelor, Master


English B2 

Examination Format

Learning Journal


1, pass/fail, not graded

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