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Virtual International Programme

VIP: Question Time for Applicants

20th July at 2pm (CEST)

About the VIP

The VIP is the best way to learn more about JLU from home. Tailored to the needs of international students from partner universities of JLU, it offers a varied and flexible online programme encompassing:

  • A variety of online courses in different subjects taught in English, German and other languages for undergraduate and graduate students from partner universities of JLU
  • Online German language courses
  • Online international group work
  • International collaborative teaching formats
  • Transcripts of Records with credit points (ECTS)

Benefits of Being a VIP Student

Our main goal is to offer an excellent virtual experience at JLU. While gaining excellent online learning experience, as a VIP Student you will also:

  • Learn more about JLU and the German teaching system from home
  • Be able to choose courses that match your interests from a varied course catalogue
  • Get in contact with German students and professors
  • Benefit from the online support structures for international students at JLU during your VIP-time

Do You want to Know More?

Starting in the winter semester 2020/2021, the VIP has enabled students of JLU’s approximately 330 partner universities (200 Erasmus partner institutions and about 130 bilateral partners) to gain international experience at JLU without any on-site presence in Giessen. The overall aim of the Virtual International Programme is the systematic, qualitative and quantitative expansion of collaborative, virtual and international teaching scenarios while at the same time promoting digital and intercultural competencies of students and teaching staff. Moreover,  JLU pursues the goal of enhancing mobility amid pandemic conditions by means of virtual or blended mobility.

The VIP is also characterised by its holistic concept, which offers support structures and counselling before and during the virtual exchange. This concept is a result of the presumption that the integration of students into the virtual teaching and learning environment and the university community can be considered crucial for student success. Student support is addressed, for example, by expanding orientation offers, English-language information websites and brochures, frequently asked questions and answers related to the VIP, digital tools, etc. Moreover, with the support of a virtual e-mentoring team, social interaction is increased through various formats and events and by offering virtual introductions of the university’s organisation to the VIP students. These virtual formats as part of the accompanying programme are offered primarily, but not exclusively during the study entry phase.

The programme takes place twice a year in the winter (starting in october) and summer semester (starting in april) in accordance with the German academic calendar.

International Collaborative Teaching Seminars

Seminars marked with this symbol are „International Collaborative Teaching“ seminars offered in cooperation with partner universities.

Apply now!

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Contact for VIP Students:

Anne Landsiedel & Kirsten Apel

0049 641 99 12166

VIPprotect me ?!admin.uni-giessenprotect me ?!.de

Stud.IP for VIP Students

VIP Student forum

Bachelor Courses

Find out about courses offered for bachelor students

Master Courses

Find out about courses offered for master students


Yaren Karabulut, Turkey
Because of the corona, I canceled my Erasmus in Germany. After learning about the VIP, I got the chance to be a student in Germany again thanks to JLU.
Being a VIP student was an amazing journey. I feel that I am a part of the JLU family.
Shawn Hsiang Lun Hsu, Taiwan
I'm very grateful to be a virtual student because I get to make more friends and learn things I'm interested in.
I always thought of it as a great chance to broaden my horizons. I believe this experience indeed opens up new opportunities to access new knowledge.
Ermira Sfishta, Kosovo
JLU did a magnificent job! Going abroad to study has always been my dream but I never imagined to “study abroad” from the comfort of my own home.
From the very start the International Office and the professors of the courses were there for us. With friends from all over the world we moved through the semester, shared our ups, downs, stress and joy.
Ekaterina Efimenko, Russia
The VIP Programme was well organised. It brought in researchers from the most prestigious universities in the world, and provided a wide academic diversity. It was a great opportunity.
Kebakaone Marumo, Botswana
I've been able to learn and grow with the program. I took part in cultural and feminist courses as a way to make me a better global citizen.
VIP gave me an opportunity very few African students get, a European feel of university life. And it didn't costs cent.
Shukrie Sadiku, Kosovo
I took part in courses that were related to English Linguistics, and I can say with all my heart that it was the best experience for me so far. What I liked about this programme was the flow of courses, flexibility, and how convenient the courses were.
Mariia Panchenko, Ukraine
Lots of thanks to JLU for letting me feel your atmosphere of understanding, tolerance and activism. I am grateful not only for courses I have attended but also for different invitations to open lectures on law. It was a pleasure to work and study with you.
Jakub Wojtasik, Poland
JLU gave me the opportunity to study International Humanitarian Law. These classes helped me understand the basics and made me realise that I want more!
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